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Dear Owls!  

Welcome back to home learning, we’re in Term 4! I hope you all have a lovely half term break, and that you’re refreshed and ready for lots of fun new learning. 

 This term, our topic is called ‘What’s so great about the Ancient Greeks?’  

We’re going to be finding out all about Ancient Greek gods and goddesses, myths and legends, daily life, and art. Also, we’ll be finding out about lots if things that the Ancient Greeks invented more that 2,000 years ago that we still use today!  

Prodigy Maths and TT Rockstars leader boards will be back next week, so make sure you work hard to try and secure your place at the top!  

Accelerated Reader Please make sure you are doing your quizzes. Soon, we’ll be doing a Star Reader test, and if you haven’t been keeping up it’ll be difficult to see how much you’ve improved! Well done to Lina and Rebecca W who are the only ones to have completed a quiz in the last week of term. (I wrote this message on 11.2.21) so if you did one after that, well done!  

If you’d like to buy a book to help with this term’s learning, click HERE to see the one we’ll be using. And for our next science topic, you’ll need a torch!  

And finally, Zoom! Be ready at 10am and click HERE for the first zoom session of the term, where we’ll be talking about our new topic!  

Take care and be safe Owls, Remember to send me your work at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Have a lovely week!

From Mrs Marlow 😊

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