Welcome to Eagles Class - our teachers are Ms Graham and Mr Hayes and our teaching assistants are Mrs Basaratti and Ms Souness

This page is dedicated to all the exciting things we will be doing this year.

Welcome to the new school year in Eagles Class! We have started the year well by getting settled into our new routines including new Maths and Spelling groups. The first few weeks are all about getting to grips with where the children are in Maths and Literacy. The children may well find that they move groups after a couple of weeks, or work in different groups during the week depending on what support or challenge they need.

Our topic this term is “Around the World in 80 days” which will involve looking at the varied countries and climates around the world, and with a focus on South Africa. It will be a Geography based topic and we will learn about the geography of the planet including where the Equator, tropics and polar regions are. Within Literacy we will work on a ‘big write’ which will involve the children developing their character description and scene setting writing skills.

We designed Mayan clay tiles in January 2018.
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