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Teacher: Ms Marlow 
PPA Teacher: Mr Hayes
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Parker and Mrs Brice

This page is dedicated to all the exciting things we will be doing in class this year.


Dear Owls,

Well, today is the second official day of the Easter holidays! I hope you have been able to enjoy some sunshine in your gardens, and that you have had some fun trying out new ways of learning. I wonder if you have tried some gardening. Or some cooking? Maybe you have learnt how to fix something around the house?

Whatever you’ve been doing, I hope you have been happy, having fun, and staying safe. Below are some activities you could try if you get bored over the Easter Holidays. Remember, the most important thing you can do is READ! Read every day, on your own, to a sister/brother, to your parents, even to your pet! Also, look out on Facebook for me reading a story soon.

I’ll be thinking about you all, keep checking back here every week for a new message and some new activities.

Remember: Stay home and stay safe!

From Miss Marlow

Activities to try over the Easter Holidays:

Collect something from around the house that starts with every letter of the alphabet! Challenge – they all need to fit on one plate!

Spend 30 minutes practicing keepy-uppies with a ball. Write down your score each time and see how much you improve!

Create a treasure hunt in the house or garden for someone else in your family to solve! You can write clues and leave hints! You could even make a prize for the winner.

Look up a recipe that you would like to make and make it! Do all the reading, measuring, weighing and washing up yourself. Ask for help with chopping and using the oven.

Google an artist called Andy Goldsworthy. Use natural materials from your garden to create your own ‘Andy Goldsworthy style’ artwork

Write the multiples for the 8 times table on bits of paper, and stick them on a wall. When an adult tells you ‘3x8’ throw a soft toy/shoot your nerf gun at the correct answer! (you could do any times table that you want to practice)

Draw or paint a picture of what you can see out of your window, and write a short paragraph to go with it. You could draw what you imagine, or what you actually see.

Play some board games to get some ideas, then invent your own! You can include cards with challenges, a board to move around, you could even invent characters for the game!


Hello Owls! Miss Marlow here! I hope you are all feeling happy at home, and enjoying some extra time with your family.

Try to pick one Maths and one writing activity to do per day. Put in as much effort as you would do at school, and simply try your best. For maths, remember all the strategies we have learned in class. For writing, you can always spend a day planning, and then write your final version the next day. I also challenge you to go outside and do your own Daily Mile if you can! Finally, enjoy reading as much as you can! You can read to younger brothers and sisters, read to your parents, listen to an audio book or read alone. But read EVERY day! 

I also challenge you to learn some new skills during this time! Maybe you can learn, how to bake, how to sew, how to draw your favourite animal, how to plant and look after a seedling... anything you like! 

Remember to be kind, show love to all those around you, and to think of something you are grateful for every day. I'll miss you, but I can't wait to see you and hear all about your amazing home learning soon. 


Below you will find links and documents to work for the pupils to complete at home. 

Many of the suggested generic links you will find under the 'School Closure' section of the school website, located here.


White Rose Maths sessions for week 1 and 2 are live


The link above will take you to Yumu Charanga Music World which we use in school. You can access this by using the generic log in below I have created for the class to use:
Your username is: p620294
Your password is: pacific

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