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Teacher: Mr Hart and Mr Hayes
PPA Teacher: Mrs Brice
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Brice and Mrs Parker

This page is dedicated to all the exciting things we will be doing in class this year.

This is what is happening in term 1

Dear Pupils, Parents and Guardians,

Welcome back! We hope you all had a wonderful summer and have enjoyed your first couple of days back in school with your friends. As you know, it is a little different than you remember. Everyone, children, and adults, will have to keep their physical distance from each other and we will have to take a lot of care over our own equipment. You may be sitting further apart from your friends in class and in the hall and there will be some activities we may not be able to do just yet, however, just because we are physically distant does not mean we are emotionally distant! All adults at the school will care for you just the same as we did before lockdown.  We are going to have fun back in school and we have lots of exciting things planned for you and the rest of the children!

Year 4 – You’re in the big time now!

This term will be fun packed, with the children being transported back to WW2 within History and Literacy, where we will be focusing on the text ‘Friend or Foe’. As a class we will be learning about major events within WW2, as well as key historic figures, evacuation, rationing and a whole host of other aspects, starting with an unusual note that has been posted to our class! Throughout the upcoming year, there will be a daily focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG), as well as developing a love of reading. Any opportunities at home for reading with your child would be fantastic, as well as times tables and spelling practice.

Along with supporting children through the recovery curriculum explained on the school Newsletter; Within Maths, Hawks class will be focusing on place value before moving on to addition and subtraction. Pupils will be focusing on not only the importance of procedural understanding but how to apply this knowledge to a range of reasoning and fluency questions. 

As well as this, Science will revolve around sound, with pupils learning about how sounds are formed and how they are eventually interpreted by the brain through the ear.

PE will be on a Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon, so PE kit should be worn into school instead of School Uniform on these days. Please note, children with earrings need to remove them prior to PE due to health and safety.

Best wishes

Mr Hart and Mr Hayes


Below you will find links and documents to work for the pupils to complete at home. 

Many of the suggested generic links you will find under the 'School Closure' section of the school website, located here.


White Rose Maths sessions for week 1 and 2 are live


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