Resources for this week beginning Monday 29th June:

Hi there Year 2,

Hope you all enjoyed the wonderful sunshine last week! It's crazy to think that we're nearly at the end of June!

This week I'd like you to try having a go at writing your very own space adventure story! Watch 'Goodnight Spaceman' and then imagine what it would be like if you travelled into space... How would you get there? Where would you go? What would happen? Would you return home safely? I've included a link to a Story Mountain planning template as I think it will help you to plan out your ideas for the story before writing it.

Still on the theme of Aliens and Space, there's some creative topic tasks in the Topic/Science section. I've attached a link to a Solar System Ebook which you can use to create a factfile about a planet of your choice (or all of them if you're feeling particularly up for a challenge)!

Then, once you've done can have a go at creating your VERY OWN PLANET! Think carefully about its it large? Do humans or aliens live on it? Does it have moons? Is it surrounded by deadly gases?! Use your imagination!

As always, feel free to send me any work you'd like me to have a look at - I'd love to see some of your space stories or inventive planets!

Take care as always,

Miss Chatters and Mrs Johnson xxx

Resources and activities:

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