Resources for this week beginning Monday 22nd June:

Hi there Year 2,

Hope you are all doing well this week! A few of you have emailed me some of your work and it has been lovely to see what you've been learning at home, well done! 

This week's Maths recaps your learning on length and mass. There's some word problems and also the opportunity to practise drawing lines of a certain length using a ruler. Remember to hold your ruler steady and to make sure that you start from the point marked 0 (not just the end of the ruler) to keep your measuring accurate! Meanwhile, I've noticed that a good number of you are keeping up with Prodigy Maths which is great to see - a few Year 2s have played so much that they are above Level 40 already - amazing!!!

For reading this week I've put up some reading comprehension questions based on the story 'How to Catch a Star'. Watch the link and then have a go at answering some of the questions. Sometimes you'll need to find the answers in the text, but other times you'll need to use your inference skills ('reading between the lines' to make sensible suggestions about what characters are thinking or feeling). The writing task involves replying to a letter from aliens who want to know all about humans and our wonderful planet - can you give them the information they need?

Science this week is all about food chains - can you make your own? Have a look at the links provided and have a go.

Best wishes,

Miss Chatters and Mrs Johnson xxxx 

Resources and activities:

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