Resources for this week beginning Monday 15th June:

Hi there Year 2,

Hope you’re all doing okay – Mrs Johnson and I are missing you all so much!

I really hope you enjoyed watching/reading ‘Man on the Moon’ last week – such a great book! Continuing with our Aliens and Space topic, I’ve found an eBook called ‘Back to Earth with a Bump’; about a boy called Hal who travels through space to find the sun! Have a go at reading it out loud. Make sure you use lots of expression and remember to pause when you get to a full stop.

In the Writing Tasks section you’ll see I’ve put a link to a video about a boy who travels to space and meets an alien- well worth a watch! It’s clever in that it doesn’t have a narrator (storyteller) but you can still understand what is happening. Once you’ve watched it, have a go at retelling the story in your own words!

For Science/Topic this week, take another virtual museum tour – this time around the Science Museum in London! It has a couple of really cool space exhibitions where you can see astronauts, space equipment, space rocks…all kinds of things! Have a go at sketching something you find.

Maths this week is all about 2D and 3D shapes, and then for spelling and grammar (SPaG) I’ve put in a task for you to practise adding the suffix endings -er and -est at the end of adjectives. See how you get on.

Best wishes,

Miss Chatters and Mrs Johnson xxxx

Resources and activities:

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